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Martin Calderwood's new story:"Deseret bound" is a story telling about the struggle of a family leaving Norway to find a new life in the USA.

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Avoid chasing the wrong family
Read Paul Duxbury's interesting article about some of the pitfalls of geneaology.
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The lost symbols
What has Dan Brown's book to do with Norwegian genealogy?

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Do you know `Kristian Amundsen Overlie?

Do you know this man?

This is Kristian Amundsen Overlie. He came to the USA in march 1895. Very little is known about his life.
He showed up in Benson, Minnesota to visit family in 1914. That is the last his family heard of him. He is surrounded by myths. Did he leave traceable information or did he, as one rumour tells, end up as the guest of honour at a "neck-tie party"?

Read about Kristian by going to the stories section.

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Bunads Are you interested in Norwegian folk costumes? I have collected a number of pictures of family and friends with different Norwegian national costumes. Go to Stories

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