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Recipe by Sandra Johnson

3 lbs. beef flank, cut l" thick, about 12X12" square. You may sew
several pieces together if necessary.

l lb. veal round steak, cut into long strips l/2" wide.
l lb. lean pork steak also cut into long strips l/2" wide.

Lay veal and pork strips on beef. Make a mixture of:

l tbsp. salt l/2 tsp. ginger
l tbsp. sugar l tbsp. saltpeter (available at
l tbsp. pepper pharmacies)
l/2 large onion, finely chopped.

Sprinkle mixture over meat roll (jelly roll fashion), and sew edges of
roll with heavy thread or cord. A large crescent-shaped needle works

Make a brine of 4 quarts water and 2 cups of salt. Place meat roll in
brine and refrigerate 10 days, placing a heavy object on it so it will
not float. After 10 days, remove from brine and cover with fresh water
and simmer for approximately 3 hours.

Remove from water and lay meat roll on board. Place something flat and
heavy on top to press it down. Chill and slice to serve.

I would like to thank Sandra for sharing this recipe with us. My mother in-law Solveig gathered her grandchildren (and friends) and thought them to sew rull. We follow pretty much Sandra's recipe only we use lamb. Here are some pictures from the session:

Grandma Solveig with Aina and Kristian

Hans Inge 6 yrs. Showing the V-sign. Apparently satisfied with the progress.


Inger Lise gives a little helping hand

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